“I wish I had studied Personal Development when I first came to college. I wasted time in things that were not necessary for my future career. Now, I am clear about who I am and what I want in life. I also have a clear plan to achieve my dream in the coming 5 years. Thank you Dr. Kone, you gave me so much hope!” 

Mr. Arnold Yao

“I never thought love was a principle. Now, I understand how romantic feeling can lead us to make unhealthy decisions. After this course, I have learned that love is a principle. It is about giving selflessly even when we do not feel it sometimes. It is hard but it is true. This is the greatest revelation for me. I would like my children to be aware of this truth. Thank you Dr. Kone."

Miss Bamba Coulibaly

"I wish all our professors and the government could take this course. We have so many conflicts in this country and I am sure the practice of these principles could bring peace and sustainable development to the Ivory coast. Now, I will try my best to listen to others and try to understand them first instead of trying to always be right.” 

Mr.  Desiré Diomande

"I personally believe that schools should have a personal development training in their curriculum because  I believe that the new and older generations will benefit from it. The training helped me create a plan of action for the next big steps in my life and I enjoyed organizing my thoughts and ideas so I can attain my personal and professional goals."

Awa-Malicka Barro