In the past decades, “personal development” became a major focal point in the business world. SCS prepares students for the challenges of work in the constantly changing job environment of the 21st century. Today’s worker will change careers at least seven times in their lifetime. New technical skills will always be needed, but “people skills” will become increasingly critical as we continue to work with individuals from around the globe and serve others with unique needs and interests. More than ever, self-esteem, self-confidence, professional image and positive attitude are highly valued in the work place.This program focuses on these key areas of personal development:

1. Improving self-esteem: uncovering personal gifts and talents and connecting them to your life purpose and professional life. Students will also learn to address procrastination, which undermines productivity in the work place.

2. Practicing effective communication: The relational framework is one of the most important principles of personal development. As the philosopher Gustave de Beaumont said: "nothing can replace sympathy." Getting your message across and resolving interpersonal conflict in the work place is essential for professional success.

3. Teamwork: Students will learn the importance of team work and collaboration in the work place. Students must understand the value of diversity and how to act ethically in the work place. Students should not feel the need to give in to conformity or impose uniformity. Good competence and problem-solving skills are developed through practice and experience. Students will learn how to work with others and deal with difficult issues in their teams.

4. Developing a customer-focused mindset: The paradigm shift in personal development is built on the philosophical view that it is all about customer satisfaction. Serving customers must be the driving force of professionalism.

5. Developing leadership: Persevere in effort through planning and preparation. Students will learn that perseverance is not just about "heroism," but reveals, above all, the determination of a person to move from one challenge to another with a positive attitude.6. Taking charge of your career: Students will learn how to set long term goals for their professional careers, develop entrepreneurial skills and maximize success.


VISION: Become a better version of yourself!

MISSION : This program is designed to inspire and empower every individual seeking to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. 

1. Differentiate Culture and Principle

2. Develop and increase self-awareness

3. Cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit

4. Apply the principles of transformational leadership

5. Effectively use the techniques of conflict prevention, crises management and post conflict resolution

6. Practice the principles of sustainable development.


I. Educate

II. Follow up

III. Analysis and evaluations of the results

IV. Recommendations for improvement


Personal development theoretical foundation

Introduction : Culture and Principles

1. Self-awareness     

a. Intellect     

b. Emotion     

c. Body     

d. Spiritual

2. Principle of transformation     

a. Entrepreneurial spirit     

b. Finance your project     

c. Time management     

d. Case study

3. Principle of truth     

a. Different type of leadership     

b. Transformational leadership     

c. Level of consciousness     

d. Case study

4. Principles of Love     

a. Romantic Love Vs Investment      

b. Communication     

c. Conflict management     

d. Case study

5. The principle of choice and sustainable development     

a. Human responsibility     

b. Intuition vs fear     

c. Failure     

d. Case study

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A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to students who successfully complete the program (click to view)